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Our mission at Netpro Technology Solutions Inc. in Calgary is to put your business in the fast lane towards success by giving you the technological tools you need to keep your office running efficiently and securely with personalized IT services. From the basic computer equipment sitting on your employees’ desks to more complicated things like servers, routers and data storage devices, our friendly, knowledgeable and professional IT experts are at your beck and call to keep things operating at maximum efficiency. We specialize in:

  • Computer network management and administration

  • IT consulting

  • Hardware and software sales, repair, maintenance and installation

  • On-site and remote support

  • Data backup systems

  • Network security

  • VPN

  • Remote access

  • Wireless networking

Support When You Need It

When you choose us as your partner in IT, we’re always available to help squash technical issues with our remote and on-site support services. Computers and networks are complicated machines, but you can rest easy knowing that when something goes wrong, our skilled networking professionals are always just a few clicks away! When it comes to data loss, you can throw those worries out the door with our data backup and recovery services, which keeps your company’s sensitive data out of reach from cybercriminals and always available to you in the event of a fatal system crash.

Printer jammed? Employees can’t send or receive emails? No problem! Netpro Technology Solutions Inc. is here to the rescue! Book a consultation with us today to learn more about our products and services.

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